AXPOT36 Light

L’AX36 Light is a full 360° rotation excavator on a tracked skid steer.
 It is small and lightweight yet powerful and multifunctional.
 The chassis base is fitted with a heavy duty slew ring mechanism and a hydraulic 7 port manifold.
 For digging, ditching, loading, grading, uprooting, …etc.

• Kohler 9.5hp petrol engine
• Electric start with a 35amp battery
• Progressive control valves
• Heavy duty purpose made cylinders
• Double gear pump 3.2cc + 3.2cc
• Articulated bucket bracket

The AX36 Light is supplied with an additional hydraulic line and 3 buckets 20, 30 and 60 cm cleaning.
It is equipped with a roll cage compliant with safety standards.

Phone: +33 (0)3 44 14 04 56
Chemin de Meru
60175 Villeuneuve les Sablons - France